ICP Heil Tempstar Condenser Fan Motor 1/5HP 208-230v 1100 RPM 1172775

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Part Description

ICP Heil Tempstar Condenser Fan Motor 1/5HP 208-230v 1100 RPM 1172775

This is a brand new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ICP Heil Quaker Tempstar condenser fan motor 1/5hp 1100rpm 208-230 volt 48 frame cw, part# 1186447. This fan motor takes a 5 MFD run capacitor (capacitor not included).

Replaces the following part #'s: 1172775, HC37GE219, 5KCP39DGY543S, 1186447, HB38GR219, 5KCP39EGUA11BS, 5KCP39EGWF23S

This part is used in, but not limited to the following models: (On your keyboard, Press Ctrl + F to find model number below)

N2A336AHA200, N2A336AHA300, N2A336AHB200, N2A336AHB300, N2A336AKA200, N2A336AKA300, N2A336AKB100, N2A336AKB200, N2A336AKB300, N2A336CHA100, N2A336CHA200, N2A336CHA300, N2A336CKA100, N2A336CKA200, N2A336CKA300, N2A336GHA200, N2A336GHA300, N2A336GHB100, N2A336GHB200, N2A336GHB300, N2A336GKA200, N2A336GKA300, N2A336GKB100, N2A336GKB200, N2A336GKB300, N2H330CKA100, N2H330CKA200, N2H330CKA300, N4A330CKA100, N4A336CKA100, N4A342AKA100, N4A342AKA200, N4A342AKA300, N4A342AKB100, N4A342GHA300, N4A342GKA100, N4A342GKA200, N4A342GKA300, N4A342GKB100, N4A430AKA100, N4A430GKA100, N4H330AKE100, N4H330GHE100, N4H330GKE100, N4H336AKE100, N4H336GHE100, N4H336GKE100, R2A336AKC100, R2A336GKC100, R2A336GKR100, R2AM36AHA100, R2AM36AHA200, R2AM36AKA100, R2AM36AKA200, R2H336AKC100, R2H336GHR100, R2H336GHR200, R2H336GKC100, R2H336GKR100, R2H336GKR200, R2HM36AHA100, R2HM36AKA100, R4A342AKA100, R4A342AKB100, R4A342GKA100, R4A342GKB100, WCA3362GKA1, WCA3362GKR1, WCA3424GKA1, WCA3424GKB1, WCH3362GKA1, WCH3362GKR1, WCH3362GKR2

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