Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside

Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside

4 Reasons Why Your Fridge is Leaking Water Inside

So you're hungry and head to your fridge for some late night grub and... it's leaking water inside! Now you've got a mess to clean up and something to fix. What's going wrong? Let's help you find out and get your repair done.

Here's some helpful advice on diagnosing a very common problem: "Fridge leaking water inside".


Freezer Temperature is Above the Recommended Setting

If your freezer temperature is above the recommended temperature setting, this may cause condensation to occur below the freezer and on the fridge shelves; especially if the freezer and refrigerator door rubber gasket sealant is worn out or loose. Try setting the freezer and refrigerator temperature to the recommended setting, this may help.



Freezer and Refrigerator Door Gaskets

Check the condition of the  freezer door gasket and refrigerator door gasket. They may be worn, torn, or loose. If so, they need to be replaced (this may be the cause of the problem).

Also, if you sense that the doors aren't shutting tight, that's a sign that you need to replace the door sealant gasket or that your fridge is tilted too far forward. If this is the case, tilt the refrigerator back and use a piece of wood or cardboard to wedge in and stabilize the fridge to correct it's tilt and adjust the legs on the fridge accordingly. The idea is to lean the fridge back enough until the fridge shuts securely to avoid condensation dripping on the floor.


Ice Maker Hose

Before inspecting, make sure to shut off the water valve to avoid any water spillage accidents while checking. Check the rubber water hose connection on the wall, hose fittings that attach to the fridge, and the secondary hose that goes up towards the top of the fridge.

When checking the water hose connections, look out for small cuts or tears in the vinyl hose. If you find any tears or cuts in the hose, simply replace the hose. Also, look out for loosened fittings, and tighten them either with your finger if plastic or with a pair of pliers or a wrench if they are metal fittings.



Cracked Object Inside Fridge

Last but not least, if you can't find out where the leak is coming from, good chance is that the problem may not be your fridge after-all; its probably something inside your fridge, like: cracked glass that is leaking, a leaking plastic bottle, or a water dispenser that is leaking through a small crack or deep scratch. Inspect all the items in your fridge thoroughly, you may surprise yourself by what you find!

Don't forget to double and triple-check everything. If none of these quick-fix solutions work for you, then maybe its time you get a new fridge!




Jun 27th 2019

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